But all eternity to love the dead.” … Line 1152-1156, Quote 22: "Once Creon was a man worthy of envy--/of my envy, at least. Instant PDF downloads. and find homework help for other Antigone questions at eNotes Rich citizens of my city.../I make my way to a prison sealed like a tomb./Pity me. CREON: Then let me report what I heard from the god. Line 466-475, Quote 9: "I did not believe/your proclamation had such power to enable/one who will someday die to override/God's ordinances, unwritten and secure./They are not of today and yesterday;/they live forever; none knows when first they were./These are the laws whose penalties I would not/incur from the gods, through fear of any man's temper." -Scene 1, Line 29-30 Creon "Whoever shows by word and deed that he is on the side of the state- he shall have my respect while he … Analysis: Creon employs several metaphors for describing the fate of those who refuse to change their mind. Reflection The Fagles translation