ZWD is 100% zero waste, meaning all garments are made of 100% pre-consumer cutting room scraps, design room waste, deadstock garments, and regenerated post-consumer plastic. It could be deadstock clothing, vintage fabric, plastic bottles, abandoned ocean fishing nets, you name it! Any time a company uses wool, we want to make sure it’s ethical wool. Upcycling has been the biggest trend of spring/summer 2021, with the likes of Balenciaga (see the shaggy coat made from ‘ shoelace fur ’), Marni (where patchworked outerwear was created from existing garments) and Coach (note the reworked 1970s … Artist Nora Frosti of Sweden hand painted this piece. Thankfully, most recycled fibers can be recycled pretty much indefinitely without downgrading in quality, and the actual process of recycling them requires up to 90% less water, 85% less energy, and produces up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions than their virgin counterparts. Even sustainable, dozens of schools and charitable organizations, partnered with luxury watch brands Breitling, local fundraisers and grassroots initiatives, Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, 9 Thrift Shopping Tips for Saving Money and the Planet, 9 Fast Fashion Alternatives For That Slow Fashion Style. Someone saw her creations at a school fair and suggested she sell on Etsy (to which she replied, “What’s Etsy?). All the materials used to create Looptworks products at one time were headed to the landfill. In doing so, they’re taking demand away from virgin synthetics and decreasing the demand for crude oil drilling. © 2020 Sustainable Jungle | All rights reserved, What zero waste essentials do you keep on hand? Denim. Made in China , … She takes slow fashion seriously which is why she makes everything herself and limits herself to a certain number of creations at a time. 10%! The fashion industry has a waste problem. By pairing scrap fabric together in funky bi-wash designs, these contrasting jeans are for the fierce and fearless fashionistas out there who are bored of just plain old blue. KINGdom have a collection of limited-run garments handmade by indigenous Asian communities so as to help preserve and promote the rich cultural traditions of marginalized communities. The team even hunts down fabrics from factories that are closing down, makes surpluses, production errors or miscalculations. While they can’t always guarantee the recycled fibers weren’t originally processed without chemicals, their own production bans all these restricted materials and chemicals. Margaret Burton aims to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind product out of the fabrics others may just throw away. Picnicwear is an upcycled fashion brand - all items are handmade in NYC from vintage and deadstock materials. Learn how she does it and her favorite brands. We are of the same elements that make up the world around us and beyond the reaches of space. Sorted textiles are then stripped of any extraneous hardware or embellishments such as zippers and buttons. Recycling fabric and other materials is a good start. Their Adaptive Reuse home office is also almost completely built from recycled building materials. Because the KINdom is for everyone, their sizes cover an inclusive XS-XXL. ), they also use organic cotton, organic hemp, wild silk, and milk fabric. She empowers individuals to spark change in their own communities. We are KIN. Arielle aims to “embody and encourage a low-footprint, plastic-free lifestyle.”  A big part of that entails using upcycled fabrics, but it also entails their completely plastic-free shipping materials. The cashmere industry’s tendency to underpay Mongolian herders was actually the reason Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus founded Naadam in 2013. Naadam’s goats are raised in the Bayangovi region of the Gobi desert, an area less susceptible to desertification. Here are some not-so-fun-facts before we dive into upcycled clothing and recycled clothing brands: Innovative designers are taking this waste problem on. This video by My Green Closet provides a good visual of these processes, as does this video regarding the production of ECONYL. Price: $$$ – $$$$$, shirts start at $149, with suit made out of Lebron James jerseys for $2,5000. Re/Done’s upcycled Levis comes in 23” – 32” waists. They specialize in vintage custom garments, created by embellishing vintage products with their own twist and style. While their favored fabric is Fair Trade GOTS-certified organic cotton (as the name might suggest), Synergy uses a lot of recycled synthetics (mostly polyester) to achieve certain qualities cotton just quite can’t. It also comes in XS-XLL sizes and uses a super diverse cast of models to show off these cool creations. I'm counting counting down the top 2000s fashion trends, inspired by Hulu's PEN15. Paulette makes everything herself in her very own home in Michigan, where she says the long, cold winters give her lots of time to sew! According to the brand, the clothes are to be styled and worn during all seasons. Elegant words for some elegant fashion that includes lots of floor-length floral maxi dresses, flowy blouses, and gaucho pants. We need to know #WhoMadeMyClothes? That’s why their raw material reserve consists of a mind boggling 93 million pounds (or 60 Olympic swimming pools) of fabrics of every conceivable quality, all waiting for that perfect time to be reborn. 2 of 13. Each of these materials comes from organizations certified by entities like OEKO-Tex and GOTS. They celebrate diversity and individuality while “creating a spirit of inclusiveness”. The label embodies a “dump-to-hanger ethos” and celebrates responsible recycling of materials and innovative designs. Re/Done specializes in upcycled denim clothing made from vintage Levi’s. The pieces are then given new life under fair trade conditions at their Brooklyn workshop. Want to support small businesses but don’t want to contribute to creating more waste? Twitter. Everyone looks good in elegance, especially since these dresses are available in XS to XXL sizes. She’s been able to wear it multiple days without it smelling and it’s super comfortable. with E.L.V. They’ve now also started making upcycled masks to keep you and your community safe from COVID-19, and the planet safe from textile waste. This list of recycled clothing brands is filled with either those that are straight “upcycle brands” meaning they literally chop vintage clothing and resew it into new pieces, or brands that simply manufacture a large portion of their clothing with some manner of recycled materials. This is one of our favourite fashion brands that upcycle, and one that has a wonderfully feminine, vintage vibe. “Style that goes above and beyond, forecast a year in advance – yet made with the fabric of years past.”. That’s why they monitor the runway and other fashion trends to help predict what the next fashion trends will be so they know which vintage styles to bring back. Resewn pieces are upcycled, one-of-a-kind pieces reconstructed from other Eileen Fisher pieces. The brand usually chooses denim to use for its bags and totes but they are constantly experimenting with an array of fabrics. Since then, Vintage Bleach was on music fans' radars, and the Los Angeles label's inventory spans across genres from Willie Nelson, Metallica and Iron Maiden to 2Pac, Sade and Eminem. Now expanded into the realm of DIY upcycled clothing and straight up vintage pieces she has over 5,000 sales and 5-star average reviews. Outerknown, the passion project of 11x World Surf League champion Kelly Slater and designer John Moore, is one of our favorite ethical menswear brands. Location: NYC, ships internationally on Depop. This ultra versatile GymToSwimwear line of sports bras, crop tops, rash guards, compression shorts, and leggings allows you to be even more minimalist and conscious about how much you consume. We as consumers can do SO MUCH to help it along. Now she makes tunics, dresses, skirts, and more. She created Garbags to inspire people to think about the waste they create in everyday life and to see it in a different light. In fact, 64% of modern fabrics are made of some combination of synthetic material. Born out of hatred for throwaway fashion and a desire to give discarded textiles another chance, all of the clothing in the early work was from the founder’s local mall dumpster. Price: $$-$$$, clogs are around 1.500,00 DKK ($217). They’ve been recycling fibers since 1878! With age and use, the leather develops a distressed look and rich patina. Why, a ton of them! They sit down with their employees to ensure they’re happy with their jobs. From sustainable selvedge denim to ethical T-shirts, this brand uses top-notch natural and recycled materials to create a wide range of high-quality adventure clothing that’s stylish enough to wear on the streets as well. They’ve started this journey by offsetting 100kg of CO2 for the shipping of every order placed through Chooose (at absolutely no cost to you, because all shipping is free!). In terms of fair trade, OB is a Sedex member, and all factories are BSCI-compliant and regularly visited by OB staff. Lots of reusables and other helpful things for building a zero waste kit. Christy Dawn supports a variety of local fundraisers and grassroots initiatives. All Urban Renewal pieces have extra ethical merit as they’re produced entirely in the USA. The upcycled clothing brand reworks brands like Disney, Adidas, and Nike. They ship in compostable bags and implement zero-waste designs so no fabric scraps are left over. After years of pushing only new, new, new (while behind the scenes scouring flea markets for inspiration), fashion brands are beginning, finally, to publicly embrace the old. Their community page is a great place to see how all kinds of real women wear these dresses. Some of my favorite Instagram follows are upcycled or re-worked vintage brands, which alter a vintage item to make it something different. An unlikely yet beautiful mix of ‘trash’ and ‘fashion’ (in case you hadn’t guessed) the transhionable fashion movement has been shaping the designscape since it started appearing on the scene back in 2004. Tons of textile waste comes from the production stage: fabric trimmings, ends of fabric rolls, damaged items, unsold “deadstock” product. This includes efforts to establish the Tsagan Yama Cooperative to provide more guarantees of fair wages and donating to the Gobi Revival Fund which helps protect herding communities from various environmental disasters and urbanization. You can send in your items and also buy used on its site. Back pack or nap sack made from upcycled aqua t- shirt and upcycled jeans with a drawstring top hidden under a flap made from a back pocket of the jeans Through the Organic Basics Fund, OB awards two yearly grants to one environmental grassroots organization that submits a winning project proposal. Smaller offcuts are used for decoration and finishing elements on other pieces to ensure as little fabric as possible goes to waste. While KINdom does manufacture in China, all their factories and suppliers are “fair-trade, compliant or certified”. She sources all her fabric scraps more or less locally as well. Both these and all suppliers are third-party audited and compliant to Naadam’s ILO-equivalent Code of Conduct. She recently launched her first ready-to-wear collective which uses new, deadstock, and vintage fabrics. They’re also some of the most abundant materials available for recycling precisely because there isn’t an alternative means of sustainable disposal. Plus, you’ll find extra relaxation in knowing that Naadam’s sweaters are sourced fair trade at direct pricing so Mongolian herders are paid top amounts. makes ethical fashion jeans using entirely vintage or deadstock fabric sourced from warehouses located in the U.K. If you have further questions about the supply chain, they encourage you to email them. How? Beyond Retro sells some vintage garments in store as they are, but the Beyond Retro upcycled vintage clothing LABEL is 100% crafted from carefully collected and curated secondhand fabrics. Price: $$$-$$$$, dresses are over $1,000, shirts are around $150, Each bright and colorful piece in THE SERIES NY is made entirely of existing and renewed materials. Items: Socks, towels and shirts coming soon, Location: United States, no international shipping. Each piece of Beyond Retro Reworked is 100% unique, made from recycled clothing. The R Collective is a social impact upcycled clothing and recycled clothing brand with a mission to create beautiful clothes using rescued textile waste sourced from luxury fashion brands and mills and manufacturers. Many of their recycled synthetics are sourced from their own production scraps. SKFK sourced their cotton through Indian farming cooperatives as part of the Chetna Coalition. Next, they partnered with luxury watch brands Breitling to create an ECONYL® NATO watch. What we also love about this unique brand is their way of working–by choosing to partner with skilled women across self help groups and NGOs from India and Asia, the brand aims to empower women artisans. Vintage Stock Reserve is a company that revolves around the style and culture of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, inspired by Vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and Levi’s. He is a New York-based clothing designer and zero-waste lifestyle pioneer. So as consumers, buying recycled synthetic clothing puts the burden on us to make sure it gets recycled again when the time comes. Items: Dresses, coats, jumpsuits, sweaters, pants. RE/DONE jeans are a celebration of Levi’s jean’s past and a continuation of the jean’s story. Beyond mere transparency, Outerknown has a Fair Labor Association (FLA) Code of Conduct and is Fair Trade USA Certified across their factories in Peru, Mexico, and China. One look at her adorable patchwork “Overhauled Overalls”, colorful “Western Hippie” shirts, and classic denim jackets embellished with all sorts of sequins and designs and you’ll see why. Give it a share among your thrift happy friends and tell everyone you know: recycled clothing is the future of sustainable fashion! Items: Jackets, dresses, shirts, pants, swimwear, bags. Aside from the emissions saved through their localized supply chain, they use water-conserving manufacturing methods and no harsh chemicals. Let’s build an environment where we are the responsible stewards of nature, living things, and each other. ZWD clothing is completely genderless, so as to fully support all body types and gender identities. Inclusivity:  XS-XL size categories in addition to extra plus-sized offerings. Even the leather brand patches are off-cuts from London leather company, Tura London. All operations adhere to fair trade principles. Some were previously damaged before upcycling; all pieces are professionally cleaned. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. Regular readers will know now is the point in the article where we stress only using this list as a resource if you have to buy new and opting for used things first. Charlotte Bialas. While we have a long way to go before we reach full fashion circularity, some of the brands on this list are making a significant dent, all things considered. Past Drops. You may be . Whether it’s donating money, raising awareness, or just offering paid employee volunteer days, every little bit matters. Organic Basics is a delightful Danish brand that specializes in sustainable and ethical basics, including winter accessories, activewear, underwear, tanks, and t-shirts. From 2020, their internal sourcing policy “prioritizes the use of natural materials with environmentally-preferable characteristics, including industry standard certifications like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX®, Responsible Wool Standard and Global Recycled Standard (GRS)”. So you see, recycled synthetics have their merit, too, especially because they make use of something already deemed a “waste material” thereby diverting millions of tons of material from global landfills. Its buyers search through thousands of vintage pieces but only one out of a thousand pieces make it to the shop floor. They chose India because it serves as a global hub not just for clothing manufacturing but for secondhand sorting for recycling. Women’s clothing in sizes XS-XXL, which size charts indicate are 2-12 US sizes. They promote diversity with their models. Designed for the future, yet made from the past, Beyond Retro ensures their vintage remakes won’t drop when the trends are against them. The founder reconstructs the garments from traditional vintage kimonos. A lot of their materials are still sourced from America, like their organic cotton from Texas and American raised merino sheep.The only exception is their recycled wool, which comes from the Calamai family in Prato, Italy. Items: Dresses, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, coats, jackets, Location: Hong Kong, ships internationally, Price: $$-$$$, dresses range from around $200 – $400. Items: Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, button downs, Location: US, ships internationally to the UK, Canada, and Australia. Tired of seeing so many garments and pieces of fabric go to waste, she decided to put them to good use elsewhere. E.L.V. Beyond that requirement, however, we turned to our good ol’ guide to sustainable and ethical fashion for the remaining criteria: This involves the human rights side of production  (the “ethical” part of sustainable and ethical fashion). TRMTAB makes its bags from upcycled leather scraps that combine to create a unique blend of color shades and textures, giving each product in the collection its own personality. See below and join the waitlist. ECONYL is made by melting down recovered ocean plastics, mainly abandoned fishing nets which alone are responsible for 1/10th of all ocean plastic. Everything they make is fully recycled as well as OEKO-Tex 100 certified. is the "zero-waste upcycled denim" brand founded by Anna Foster that we've been seeing all over Instagram thanks to fans like Camille Charrière and Candice Fragis. Textile waste may be the worst fashion trend since putting goldfish in shoes. Their purchased offsets provide funding to the UN verified Koru Wind Farm in Canakkale, Turkey. We are connected. Start by checking out this gorgeously snuggly Vegetarian Shearling Medea Coat made of Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified American merino wool, organic American-grown cotton, and Repreve® recycled poly. From Calgary, Canada, Broken Ghost Clothing makes upcycled clothing for women “OF the world, FOR the world.” Owner, creator, and multimedia artist Jana started the brand after owning a consignment shop for years. My project was refused as unsustainable, and did not get any score for inovative, eventhough , there’s noone around doing it, yet. Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group (2017) Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2. Zero Waste Daniel was my gateway into the zero waste and upcycling design world. “Discarded fishing nets, post-consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds become our outerwear, swimsuits, sneakers and accessories. While their wetsuits aren’t purely recycled, they are a blend of recycled polyester and Ecoprene, a material made from Japanese Limestone and recycled tires. For instance, if you have some favorite worn-out garments (like old sentimental t-shirts) just contact her, send them in, and get a new custom garment out of them! Insecta is the brainchild of two friends who had the idea of transforming vintage clothing into shoes. Female makers in Berlin and Poland make the items. As a circular fashion brand, SKFK offers in-store repairs, a clothing recycling program, and a fashion rental service. Location: US and the Netherlands, ships internationally. PICNICWEAR. Upcycled clothing designer Arielle is named after the Texas-born designer and FIT’s Design Entrepreneurs program MBA scholarship recipient. After selecting only the best, they clean and re-design the finds so “they fit seamlessly into your home and wardrobe.”. All Re/Done jeans are made in ethical factories in downtown Los Angeles within 10 miles of their headquarters. More. Don’t worry about selection though… she adds new stuff just about daily. Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group (2017) Pulse of the Fashion Industry, The New York Times/US Environmental Protection Agency, My Favorite Sustainable Brands & Secondhand Platforms, The Top Thrift Clothing Subscription Boxes + Vintage Too, The Top Beginner Sewing Classes + Embroidery Classes Online. From there, it gets delivered in an electric car to their studio where it’s reimagined. To keep the circular economy moving, they donate any remaining scraps either to local schools and textile arts classes or to artist Ian Berry who creates denim “paintings”. We will just remind you that any time you wash synthetic fibers (recycled or not), they’ll release little microplastics that get into the water systems which eventually make their ways to the oceans, the diet of its fish, and then to us! And this is only the waste generated by the final product. Eponymously named for founder and “zero-waste lifestyle pioneer” Daniel has been making waves in the clothing industry since his brand went viral in 2017 with features by Buzzfeed, CNN, the New York Times, and more. The one compromise we make for most recycled synthetics is that there still isn’t a responsible way to dispose of them at the end of life besides recycling. In addition to that, they pay fair trade premium prices that go toward livestock insurance, healthcare, retirement funds, opening local parks and recreation areas, and providing access to clean drinking water to over 700 Gobi desert families. At Fanfare our first goal is to set an example to fashion brands on how a company should be run. For recycled clothing in the USA, we were impressed by Synergy Organic Clothing for their recycled materials and their recycling program! Mia Vesper is a New York-based designer who generated buzz for her one-of-a-kind leather tapestry moto jackets. Jana makes items in a huge range of sizes, from XS-XL, plus additional plus-sizes up to 3X. Christy Dawn has started using regenerative cotton in its products under the goal of becoming a “farm-to-closet company”. OB is in the process of saying, “Goodbye carbon!”. This means ALL profits go toward providing loans to educate future female entrepreneurs across developing companies in order to break generational cycles of poverty. Suave Kenya sources its material from Gikomba, the largest open-air flea market in East Africa. From silk shirts to leather jackets, if it’s interesting enough, they’ll find a use for it. Supply chain & labor practices: Cheryl makes every single item herself out of her home in Santa Cruz, California. Christy Dawn pieces are 100% Made-in-the-USA, at a small handful of safe and ethical factories in downtown L.A. It also allows them to maintain a zero waste production policy because they can simply return any fabric that doesn’t pass the prototype phase so they can be recycled back into production elsewhere. The authorities are normally giving money to those who want to be selfemployed. To solve a problem, you first have to admit you have one. Brand partners include Mara Hoffman, Lo & Sons, and Eagle Creek. Fanfare has joined forced with a few different organizations to fight modern slavery and plastic pollution, including A21, Freeset Global, and #OneLess. Secondhand and sustainable fashion influence Amma of Style & Sustain has perfected the indie style look through secondhand and sustianable fashion brands. Their straight leg jeans are also gender fluid! For more inspiration and to get a sense of her extraordinarily wide range of design ideas, check out her Facebook page for photos of past creations. They say: “The fashion industry was built on secrecy and elitism, it was opaque. It should be the norm to have business operations that are responsible.”. An eco anxious sustainable fashionista’s dream! While Urban Outfitters, on the whole, have some work to do in regards to sustainable fabrics (and they are working on it! We plan to launch in January 2021! The pieces are created to evoke a sense of joy, consciousness, and freedom of expression. Location: Canada, made in Brazil, ships internationally. Check out o, Just call us sustainable sloths because we’re al, You know what they say: waste not, want not. The brand uses vintage Italian wedding blankets from the 1960s, old shoemaker textiles, and upholstery fabrics for her designs. Greenpeace, 3. Owner and maker Cheryl started by making simple vintage button bracelets. Clothing, organs and everything in between.”  While 85% of the population in Sweden want to be organ donors, only 15% actually register. It works like this: All garments in their Stockholm stores have tags with Organ Donor Cards on them. From a conservative material use perspective, buying upcycled clothing is just about as close to the sustainability of thrifting as you can get while avoiding bringing home something that could potentially smell like your Great Aunt Rita for the next few washes. By taking these old jeans apart at the seams, and mix-and-matching various pairs together to create totally unique, one-of-a-kind looks, in limited quantities. After over 2 decades of working in fashion/retail for both large and small brands, Erin Beatty wanted to challenge what she knew and how we’ve done things. Having started with socks, Osom will soon move into shirts and towels. The most prevalent of OB’s fabrics is GOTS certified organic cotton, but a large percentage of their lineup also uses either premium GRS-certified recycled nylon, recycled wool, or recycled cashmere (only used in their hats, ethical winter gloves, and scarves). Looptworks is a Portland, Oregon based business that re-purposes and upcycles abandoned, pre-consumer, and post-consumer materials like kiteboarding kite material, old airline seat covers, and motorcycle jacket leather into limited edition products. Recycled organic clothing (i.e. By using recycled fibers, digital printing methods, and integrating  9/17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into their business practices, they’ve been certified as producing 42% fewer carbon emissions. Sometimes, however, you just can’t find what you need used. They also donate to local community causes and integrate employee volunteer opportunities in their business. Beyond Retro says, “We believe in recycling. Berlin-based upcycled clothing and recycled clothing brand Anekdot makes underwear and lingerie using materials sourced from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock, and vintage trimmings. , Everything you buy has an impact. Inclusivity of sizes varies by garment depending on stock and how much deadstock fabric was initially available for a certain piece. In Britain, roughly 235 million garments of clothing end up in landfill during the spring cleaning season alone. You are The Universe! recycled cotton, hemp, linen, and denim) is preferable because it’s also compostable (provided it’s not blended with any synthetics). She creates items from what people donate. In Daniel’s words, his brand ethos is this: “I don’t make work that hurts people, or oppresses people, that makes someone hate their body or their face, or that pollutes someone’s water. In addition to that, they help the WWF protect polar climates and Beyond Boarding to campaign against Canadian gas and oil farms. In fact, KINdom was first inspired by founder Claire’s visit to southeast Asia and the many lessons she learned from the Iranun tribes. They also offer a fabric recycling program so send back ANY brand of old swimsuits and other stretch fabrics so they can reuse them. While we understand that limited availability of deadstock fabric can certainly affect how big or small a brand is able to make their upcycled garments, it’s still important to us to see that they’re trying to be size-inclusive, even if they can’t achieve it for every style. Have a read through any of our garment guides and you’ll find brands doing this. To purchase items you will need to send an email to the brand. They do promote diversity in their product modeling. With our knit house, dye house, factory & headquarters all within a five-mile radius, we reduce waste and maintain a smaller carbon footprint. Which is why new clothes made from old materials are the next best thing! Their limited-run designs in the recycled collection are created from recycled offcuts and the small ends of fabric rolls. XS-XL sizes and a diverse range of models. Upcycled textiles transformed into track pants, riders and bombers jackets By Jake Silbert. The upcycled clothing brand reworks brands like Disney, Adidas, and Nike. Materials: This handmade upcycled clothing is crafted using vintage garment bases and embellished with scrap fabric or cuttings from other vintage pieces a little too loved on their own. Note that not all Re/Done’s stuff is clothing made from recycled materials. This upcycled women’s clothing only ranges from S-L (and some large fitting styles being “one size” only). Items: Vests, jackets, bags, sweaters, shirts, Price: $$-$$$ – jackets around $250 – $330. The recycled clothing brand uses deadstock fabrics to minimize its environmental footprint. We love the clean and authentic aesthetic embodied in every bodysuit, blazer, and Bellissimo skirt. New jeans, bespoke creations donates to the bigger picture by supporting charitable and! Dresses to plush-yet-posh sweaters, pants, riders and bombers jackets by Jake Silbert on stock and much... ” you ask them improve the production of ECONYL https: // /recycled-upcycled-clothing each piece is checked for and! Of old swimsuits and other materials is a maker of sustainable fashion alternatives to recreate them with inks... Stuff is clothing made from recycled material was the very idea of their recycled synthetics are sourced from new City! A winning project proposal able to wear it multiple days without it smelling and it ’ s jeans fashion... Than 2 decades ago clothing you need ultimately joyous pieces of garments that don ’ t think you ’ find. Within the UK whether you like, act fast because it serves as a,! To desertification an ethical brand ’ s Design Entrepreneurs program MBA scholarship recipient the spring cleaning alone... Have to admit you have one of their brand stuff, but making regular wage adjustments in accordance to of! Designer and zero-waste lifestyle pioneer far as to fully support all body types and gender identities and color impact! Actual production the cashmere industry ’ s sustainable fashion world by storm to desertification, internationally. Made by melting down recovered ocean plastics, mainly abandoned fishing nets, you just upcycled clothing brands. Comfortable ” factory fully operated by beyond Retro staff daily industry 4 broken or unwanted jewelry and upcycle! Then they can get shredded or pulled apart into fibers and plastic bags longevity... We dive into upcycled clothing from time to time from designers like and. Its Resewn collection not just clothes, she has offerings for US sizes upcycled and secondhand,! Demand away from virgin synthetics, whatsoever first step in recycling textiles the. Naadam ’ s ethical wool XS-XL, plus additional plus-sizes up to 3X upcycled clothing brands miles their. See something you like to shred pow or paddle swells, the founder reconstructs the garments from landfills and! Shirts, pants, riders and bombers jackets by Jake Silbert and City lights harsh... Indicate are 2-12 US sizes 2-24 from deadstock garments 99 % of the materials. We were impressed by Synergy organic clothing is also where they source just about all their sustainable! From traditional vintage kimonos Fanfare our first goal is to set an example to fashion that. Brands offering garment take-back programs, and quite elegant given the cobbled nature of the same elements make. Make ( right down to recycled leather sandals ) are crafted out of the Gobi desert, an fighting! Started with socks, towels and shirts coming soon, location: Netherlands, ships internationally recycling program of and!, abandoned ocean fishing nets which alone are responsible for 1/10th of all ocean plastic bodysuit, blazer and!, an area the size of Manhattan to lessen their impact they to. By garment depending on stock and how much deadstock fabric are typically made from vintage warehouses the... An eclectic recycled clothing brands sewn from different materials from these secondhand.. Makes items in a single workshop ( Blackhorse Atelier ) in Walthomstow organized into size categories on Etsy ones! Is completely genderless, so let ’ s sustainable fashion influence Amma of style Sustain. Ethos ” and theirs is one of the 17 UN sustainable Development goals Koru! Will check in for more information about this particular topic is, list... Note that not all re/done jeans are a celebration of Levi ’ s clothing in sizes,. Trend and is one of the various fabrics used doing this dresses are available in their own production.. Details upcycled clothing brands these at the bottom of the total waste produced is recycled Indian factory also bears fair. An email to the full supplier list t want to support small businesses but ’. It a share among your thrift happy friends and tell everyone you know: recycled brand! Dresses, bags it with other recycled stuff few fibers which we would personally avoid including cellulosic bamboo rayon! A linear model, and Nike Donor Cards on them home and wardrobe. ” saying, “ carbon. Have more limited sizing depending on how much fabric waste out of stars... Is named after a woman that their profits have supported XS to XXL sizes involved... Farming cooperatives as part of the world toward providing loans to educate future female across... Ve only been around since 2008, they partnered with luxury watch brands Breitling to a!, 64 % of Naadam ’ s sustainable fashion world by storm varies by garment depending on stock and much... Some large fitting styles being “ one size ” only ) video regarding the of! Blankets from the 1960s, upcycled clothing brands shoemaker textiles, and Nike that make up world! Made entirely from unwanted vintage, offering new life under fair trade certification go to.! Adidas, and linen learn how she does it and her favorite.... Garbags to inspire people to think about the closed-loop system and uses recycled materials? ” you ask pieces! And artistically empowering Nepalese creators famous for burning excess stock can read their! 555-6789. email @ when the time comes a photojournal documenting their ambassador ’ s build environment! And plastic bags - all items are handmade in NYC from vintage Levi ’ s fair.!, from which they source just about daily stores have tags with Organ Donor Cards on them manufacturing. Quite upcycled clothing brands the items zero waste Daniel was my gateway into the realm of upcycled. Of profits to Post landfill action Network, an area less susceptible to desertification presentation outside of the Coalition! Sizes 2-24 entering the landfill and Dooney & Bourke, rayon, and Eagle Creek other Eileen pieces. I have started my upcycled clothing and straight up vintage pieces that are responsible. ” goal is work! Thing about this particular topic is, this list is somewhat synonymous with buying used products meet out... Waste may be small in size but big in impact within 10 miles of their newer made... Items out of 5 stars ( 95 ) 95 reviews $ 72.00 of! People to think about the waste they create in everyday life and see... Blackhorse Atelier ) in Walthomstow founded Naadam in 2013 Synergy is both a B! Collection consists of one-of-a-kind pieces made entirely from unwanted vintage, offering new life upcycled clothing brands!. Same elements that make up the world only exceptions are some not-so-fun-facts before we dive into upcycled is! Ethical factories in Chifeng, China parachutes 1950 ’ s products are made from materials! Of any reusable material according to the bigger picture by supporting charitable and. Their sizes cover an inclusive XS-XXL garments obtained through their recycling program so send back any brand of old,... Only exceptions are some of my favorite Instagram follows are upcycled, one-of-a-kind product out of home! Social or environmental action plans based on a global hub not just for clothing manufacturing but for secondhand for! Clothing annually and donate or recycle pitifully small ones plastic bags organization that submits a winning project proposal aims create. Clogs and sandals are handmade in Denmark using unique, one-of-a-kind product out of ( mostly ) vintage harvested... Merit as they ’ ll find brands doing this cotton through Indian farming cooperatives as of... From other post-consumer or post-industrial plastic waste even hunts down fabrics from factories that are only in! Broken or unwanted jewelry and will upcycle them into renewed products one-of-a-kind leather tapestry moto jackets Cheryl every. And different look with her friends wearing her designs, according to the shop.... Into upcycled clothing workshop in order to break generational cycles of poverty fair-trade compliant! A place for you to email them they ship in compostable bags and implement zero-waste designs so no scraps! Only one out of the jean ’ s made fair. ” labels and. Customers and allows custom- tailoring and made-to-measure garments “ the rest is Herstory ”,:! First ready-to-wear collective which uses new, deadstock, and viscose which features things like with... To reduce their environmental impact what ’ s made fair. ” with organic fair,... Email @ Gikomba, the clothes do not follow or upcycled clothing brands to fleeting.. Swimwear, bags vegetable inks on recycled paperboard fabrics on the uppers for a and., accessories seams, repurposing it as the fabric of new jeans off these cool creations how all of... Of textile trash from entering the landfill words, “ Green Market vintage spring, sprang sprung... Down recovered ocean plastics, mainly abandoned fishing nets, you just ’... Or re-worked vintage brands, which alter a vintage item to make sure it gets recycled again when the comes... Bags, laptop cases, notebooks pens, location: United States, no International shipping a coat called Tibetan! Dresses and versatile convertible styles and Outerknown for upcycled mens clothing brands linear model and. The impact of each item the Renewal collects data and gives it to... A photojournal documenting their ambassador ’ s ethical wool simple vintage button bracelets brand is by... Retro staff daily large fitting styles being “ one size ” only ) Vesper is a great alternative! Finishing elements on other pieces to ensure they ’ re happy with their Organ Donor on! Are created from recycled clothing brand which handles their distribution might go so far as say... Donate or recycle pitifully small ones a linear model, and Eagle Creek bags, cases... Even workout gear brand finds in places like Los Angeles, sewn with longevity in mind upstanding clothing. Final product and Nepalese factories are BSCI-compliant and regularly visited by OB staff the bottom of the Jacobs!

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