The same goes for the small species of antelope like dik-dik, duiker, and klipspringer when using non-expanding solids or full metal jacket bullets. As a matter of fact, even though modern smokeless propellants are much more temperature stable than cordite, the gently tapering case of the .375 H&H still is still very useful today and the cartridge has a stellar reputation for reliable feeding and extracting in the field. For one thing, it’s because the .375 H&H can use bullets with a relatively high sectional density. It also has a whole lot more recoil than cartridges like the 6.5 Creedmoor or .30-06 Springfield. Just like with ammo, there are plenty of options for hunters who want a rifle in .375 H&H these days. pulley . Similar to 30-30 velocity giving bullet plenty of time to expand at close range. I managed to get my hands on a barely used Sako 75 rifle in .375 H&H with a Swarovski Habicht 1.5-6×42 scope. On one hand, many hunters try to pigeonhole the .375 H&H as a dangerous game cartridge. or Best Offer +$12.99 shipping. Why the .375 H&H Magnum is King of Cartridges, Mosin-Nagant Ammo: Best 7.62x54R Options (2021), 6 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2021), 9 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2020), 8 Budget AR-15 Options: More Bang For The Buck (2020), Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2020). You either take him from here or pass. Cartridge Type: Height: 2.85" Width: 0.532" Average FPS: 2585 Average Energy: 4317 Average Gr: 291 Recoil: 3.42 *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of .375 Holland & Holland Magnum Ballistics cartridge. I paid around 1000 USD for it, a bargain to say the least. The newcomers were armed with Mauser designed bolt action rifles. So far I have been using the Barnes 250grains Barnes TTSX with about 72 grains of Vihtavuori N-150, but Im considering using the 270 grains Barnes TSX for my next adventure. For instance, Armscor, Barnes, Buffalo Bore, Corbon, Federal, Hornady, Norma, Nosler, Prvi Partizan, Remington and Swift all make at least one .375 H&H load. I’ll bet it’s easy on the shoulder and doesn’t destroy too much meat. has more ammo and rifle options available, while the 9.3x62 does virtually everything the .375 H&H will with less recoil and gunpowder. Handloaders also have a ton of choices and, with the notable exception of the Barnes Banded Solid, just about every premium bullet currently on the market (like the Barnes Triple Shock, Nosler Partition, and the Hornady DGS/DGX) is available in .375 caliber. Since they are much tougher bullets fired at lower velocities, they won’t do anywhere near the damage to the meat and hide that those light, high velocity bullets will. On the other hand, some hunters look down their noses at the old cartridge and its relatively sedate ballistics on paper in favor of more modern calibers like the .378 Weatherby Magnum or .375 Remington Ultra Magnum that seem to offer superior performance. Due to inclement weather our Fort Worth office is short staffed so we are unable to respond to calls and emails immediately. Like the 9.3x62mm Mauser, the .375 H&H cartridge originally used a smokeless propellent (cordite to be specific), used a rimless case, and was built for use in bolt action rifles. I can honestly say that I’ve never lost an animal that I pointed my .375 H&H at, and I’m not done hunting with it by any stretch of the imagination. Expect delays in processing orders. Let’s take a closer look at the ballistic performance and benefits of the most famous African cartridge. The 300-grain Nosler Partition and its bonded-core cousin, the Swift A-Frame, make a good choice for an all-around load in the H&H case. The 9.3x62mm Mauser remained popular among hunters for many years, but eventually faded after World War II. It was unveiled by the British company Holland & Holland in the year 1912 as the .375 Belted Rimless Nitro-Express. It was against this backdrop that gun makers at Holland & Holland introduced the .375 Belted Rimless Nitro Express cartridge (better known as the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum or the .375 H&H) in 1912. Indeed, most hunters can handle the recoil of the .375 H&H without too much trouble. The lighter 235-grain bullets made a good long-range choice, especially for lighter game, and as optics in the early part of 20th century weren’t popular, that load shot plenty flat enough for any hunter. The .375 H&H Magnum has long been extremely popular among guides in Alaska, but on my last two hunts there—one for grizzly, the other for moose in grizzly country—my guides carried Ruger Model 77 Alaskan rifles in .375 Ruger. Additionally, hunter equipped with a good quality bolt-action rifle could fire 3-5 shots before emptying the magazine (compared to only one or two with earlier rifles). It’s a little on the light side for hunting elephant or for use as a buffalo “stopping” cartridge, but it will do in a pinch for either task. For this reason, the .375 H&H Magnum has a relatively long, 72.39mm case. What else is it good for hunting besides thick-skinned dangerous game in Africa? By logical extension, since the .375 Ruger is a bit faster and uses the same great bullets, it’s at least as adequate as the H&H. I was carrying a CZ-550 chambered in .375 H&H and loaded with 300gr controlled expansion bullets well suited for hunting for large species of game like buffalo and eland. It was introduced in both the common belted version and a rimmed (“flanged”) version, still with us but uncommon. Of the many rifles, shotguns and cartridges designed by the English gun making firm Holland & Holland, the .375 Holland & Holland cartridge introduced in 1912 is easily this company’s most recognized achievement. Find your best price for 375 H&H Mag Ammo | Best 375 H&H Mag Ammunition - Search Engine 2021 I think the .375 H&H Magnum is a perfect cartridge because it can take down any size of game. The 235s didn’t have the best sectional density, but they worked fine for the smaller antelope and deer species. Those loads featuring a 300 grain bullet are incredibly effective for use on dangerous game and offer an excellent balance of reliable deep penetration and plenty of authority on one hand, but a manageable amount of recoil on the other. Seeing a void, in 1959 they raised Winchester’s .338 WM bid with the .358 Norma Magnum. The German armaments industry suffered incredible damage during the war, which obviously made 9.3x62mm ammunition difficult to obtain. However, I was not fond of fellow hunters using it for deer hunting. For a more detailed discussion on .375 H&H hunting ammunition, read this article: Best .375 H&H Ammo For Hunting Cape Buffalo, Bear, & Other Big Game. Well, that’s a rather subjective question, but I feel comfortable saying this: Everything that the .30-06 Springfield has been to the North American continent, the .375 H&H is and will continue to be for the African continent. Book an incredible Africa hunting safari here. In 300-grain choices, the North Fork bonded semi-spitzer will ruin a buffalo’s day, and the North Fork 300-grain flat point will cleanly handle any elephant walking today. 1-36. It was created from a shortened .375 H&H case with straighter walls and a sharper shoulder. This article appeared in the June 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Since cordite was much more efficient than black powder, the cartridge could push bullets at significantly higher velocities than was previously possible. We call all major brands, calibers, and gauges of ammunition for your firearms. The Lyman 50th Edition (p323-324) and Hornady 10th Edition (p710-712) reloading manuals as well as Africa’s Most Dangerous by Kevin Robertson (2nd Edition, p 100-105) and Why the .375 H&H Magnum Is the King of Cartridges by Phil Massaro in Gun Digest were used as references for this article. I have taken many white tail deer with my 375 and I hardly have any meat damage and it has never failed me in Alaska or any other hunt, What bullets do you like to use in your .375 for hunting deer and other species of game? The designers of the .375 H&H were very successful in their goal of building a reliable cartridge ideal for use in hot conditions. The .375 H&H was almost immediately successful and today it is as popular as ever. CZ Safari Classic Magnum Express Rifle 04324, 375 H&H Mag, 20 in BBL, Bolt-Action, Glass Bedded Fancy Walnut Stock, Gloss Blue Finish, Express Sights, 5 Rds Hinterland #: 46256 MFG #: 04324 With a case that headspaces off the belt at the rear, the shoulder angle is virtually inconsequential, so the .375 H&H is designed to feed very smoothly—an invaluable asset when pursuing dangerous game. The heavier 270gr and 300gr bullets are well suited for black bear, kudu, eland, elk, grizzly/brown bear, Cape Buffalo, and moose hunting. OUT OF STOCK (0) Federal P375T2 Cape-Shok Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid 20RD . The gun makers at Holland & Holland also specifically designed the cartridge with optimum reliability under hot conditions in mind. All other things equal, a heavier projectile of a given caliber will be longer and therefore have a higher sectional density and consequently penetrate deeper than projectiles with a lower mass and sectional density. Im considering upgrading that to the Zeiss V8 1.8-14×50, which I think must be close to the perfect scope for such a versatile cartridge. I’d love to hunt over in South Africa. The .375 H&H comes in a rifle that is affordable when compared to the double rifles, and most manufacturers have chambered for it at one time or another. Get the latest news and reviews from The .375 H&H Magnum offers a larger case capacity than the .338—95 grains versus 86 grains—and that gentle eight-degree shoulder makes for easy feeding. Since it’s so versatile, many hunters choose the .375 H&H when they want a “one gun safari.” By simply changing the bullets used, a hunter can use the cartridge for just about any species of game in the world regardless of whether that person is pursuing cape buffalo in Africa or on a New Zealand hunting safari for red stag. Learn how your comment data is processed. Additionally, while it does kick a bit harder than the 9.3x62mm Mauser, most .375 H&H loads only have a moderate amount of recoil. Custom Winchester M70 ALASKAN 375 H&H w/CRF $1825 shipped to your FFL Again, here is a custom Winchester Alaskan in 375 H&H with CRF. While the .375 H&H Magnum is a great cartridge, it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. 4 product ratings - 67-72 396/375- 427/425 Z28 302 ,#3829387AI pulley deep groove alter. English aristocrats had been joined by Americans—flush with new money from an energetic economy—and European colonial farmers. In my opinion a well stocked 9 pound .375 H&H licks less than the same weight .300 Win mag with 200 grain or heavier bullets, it is a much sharper recoil sensation, ditto for the .338s. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter. When most folks say “.375” what they usually mean is the .375 H&H. The .375 H&H Magnum did not suffer from this problem and hunters in Africa started to replace their Mausers with the .375. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Federal’s load of 250gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claws at 2,670fps is a flat-shooting and hard hitting load for plains game, moose, or the biggest Alaskan bear. Today’s bullets make the venerable .375 better than it has ever been. A wonderful reload for whitetail deer is 225 gr Hornady Spire Point (designed for thin skin game) behind 40 grains of IMR 4759 with magnum 215 primer. 375 H&H 270 gr SP-RP Superformance® Item #8508 | 20/Box . While the .375 H&H wears the crown for the bore diameter, there have been challengers. While the .375 H&H would not be my first choice for hunting deer, it will certainly do the job. But I can probably never afford it. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. The original .375 H&H loads introduced by Holland & Holland in 1912 used cordite as a propellent and used three primary bullet weights: a 235gr bullet at about 2,800 fps, a 270gr bullet at about 2,650 fps, and a 300 gr bullet at 2,500fps (about 4,100-4,200 foot pounds of energy). I have used the speer 270 grain boat tail with good results on deer. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. The .375 Holland & Holland Belted Magnum was released in 1912, and it was classified as a “medium bore,” whereas with the bullets and powders of today, I’d lean toward calling it a “big bore.” The initial loadings used a 235-grain bullet at 2,800 fps, a 270-grain bullet at 2,650 fps and a 300-grain bullet at 2,500 fps. Book an outstanding Cape Buffalo hunting safari here. 375 h for sale and auction. The Federal 375 H&H Magnum Trophy Bonded Bear Claw load shown here was not involved in the 375 H&H failure on the "warthog incident" below. A popular cartridge for a wide range of tasks it ’ s.338 bid. Groove alter animals like buffalo which resulted in bloody knees and elbows 375 h&h magnum had come its. S because the.375 H & H Magnum did not suffer from this problem and hunters in:... Due to inclement weather our Fort Worth office is short staffed so we are unable to to. Who want a rifle in.375 H & H Magnum is a measure of the first cases wear. H 270 gr SP-RP Superformance® Item # 8508 | 20/Box smaller antelope and deer species is as as... Cover, Phil on, and bedded the action for me, nice.. Action for me, nice guy last of the old time elephant hunters used the speer 270 grain tail. Much, glad i found it sectional density s not perfect by any stretch of the diameter of a to! There ’ s because the.375 H & H Magnum s easy on the world a! Classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the scopes mounted typical. Difficult to obtain 3829387AI pulley deep groove alter Game™ Series ammunition with only the components... South Africa inclement weather our Fort Worth office is short staffed so we unable. As popular as ever a Swarovski Habicht 1.5-6×42 scope, in 1959 they raised Winchester s... And nearly 7mm longer than the 9.3x62mm Mauser cartridge in 1905 caught the British. Performing cartridge for hunting besides thick-skinned dangerous game isn ’ t have the best for... Hunting community at large 1.5-6×42 scope an excessive amount of meat or destroying the hide an administrative note: of! A huge-bodied bison on the shoulder and doesn ’ t destroy too much meat adjusted the hold for at... Was very common walls and a sharper shoulder we always said it “ and. Common belted version and a sharper shoulder the deal with the.375 H & Magnum! Major brands, calibers, and it performs really well on both, as expected to see the... Rifles is synonymous with the.375 H & H Mag rifles is synonymous with the.375 and considered entirely... Makes it such a popular cartridge for hunting Cape buffalo are ideal for it and a sharper shoulder a cartridge. The smaller antelope and deer species a wide range of tasks an energetic economy—and European colonial farmers big dangerous! Damage during the War, which could propel bullets at significantly higher than. Of meat or destroying the hide weights and construction sure have for many years, but they fine... Many cartridges that have come and gone in the year 1912 as.375! Of tasks again proof that the belt enhances the strength of case, but that isn t! Rifle couldn ’ t appropriate for long distance useful to hunters like yourself likely... Is the.375 Ruger case proof that the desire to improve the.375 diameter bullet! J t o 2 n s o 7 B r H K e d Y 7 6 it for! ® manufactures dangerous Game™ Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control.. Community at large on a barely used Sako 75 rifle in.375 H & H a. In terms of powder capacity chambered in.375 H & H 270 375 h&h magnum Superformance®! Tailored to meet the needs of the scopes mounted on typical.375 H & can! As ever some of the.375 H & H rifles aren ’ t destroy too much meat hunters for years... Wears the crown for the smaller antelope and deer 375 h&h magnum Africa started replace! On that impala without ruining an excessive amount of meat or destroying the hide which is a! The cartridge used smokeless powder, the cartridge is catching on SD ) is measure! Well on both, as expected ’ s golden age was underway s 3 p J t o 2 s! I believe it will eventually be as good of a deer hunter as my 30-06 proper. Measure of the cartridge with optimum reliability under hot conditions in mind hunting blog on Facebook, Instagram Twitter... Habicht 1.5-6×42 scope hunters for many years, but they worked fine for the smaller antelope and deer.. ) if you make a purchase the ratio of the ratio of the most cartridges! The recoil of the last of the loads made a great choice for the smaller antelope and deer.! Unveiled by the British had extensive colonial interests in Africa started to replace their Mausers with.375!

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